Saturday, 14 Dec 2019

Top Five SEO Landing Page Tips

When landing pages are considered, most strategists think that pay-per-click would let them to drive in targeted traffic. You should choose those keywords that intent to connect. Here are few ways in which you can ensure killer SEO campaigns and landing pages.Connecting

The content that you’ve written should keep the audience engaged and the very first thing that viewer locates is content headlines, structure, graphics, and bolded elements. Users may spend five seconds in reviewing the site and hence you need to create primary headlines aligned with intent. There should be clear communication and headlines should tell what the page is all about. The headline should be short and it should be capable enough to inspire the viewer’s attention. Users will make quick decision looking at the format of page and content and they will continue reading the post, if they find it to match their expectation. It is recommended to explain things with pictures, which immediately screams ‘authority’.


As said above, viewers really do not read the whole thing on a first pass, but they make decision as per their expectations and visual cues. You should never miss a chance to provide engagement, brand recognition, and value. Check out whether or not your brand is obvious and does it have enough reason that make users stick around. Give the right information that makes viewers click around and stick around to engage further.


The key engagement choices include action button, add to cart, search for modification or intent refinement, and link of similar products that other users have brought. For example, if you’re holding a real estate or home depot, then ‘add to cart’ button should be positioned in obvious location, so that it would be identified by the users clearly.  You can install many other user-centric options to engage, such as checking inventory, writing reviews, and zoom out/in button.  If you keep related products, search functionality, and other obvious options, it would help in modifying the search query of the user rather than prompting them to click back to SERPs.  Other on-page engagement signals are side navigation, size/color selection, breadcrumbs, and filters.


By tracking the user interaction and communication on a per-search basis, you can identify the deficiencies or consistencies in matches of search intention to website page or post. You can secure the brand names through user interaction and depth of content. By providing link or click here option, you can ensure better potential ranks and user experience. It is better to include social connection and social sharing buttons, to give your landing page more value.


Make use of Google analytic and web analytic tool to measure your traffic; determine the bounce rate and exit rate of a particular landing page. Monitor the performance through search query keywords, and understand conversion trends and traffic to locate the key landing pages for each query topic. Make use of organic traffic KW query report, and custom segments to track the performance of optimized page.

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